Can You Guess What Is The Hottest Trend Of Google Hot Trends ?

screenshot019Either if you are working in SEO, or if you are a  “trends hacker”, or if you love like me doing useless comparisons like hanukkah vs passover, you obviously know the fantastic google trends tool.

I’m even more fascinated by the google hot trends functionality that shows the 100 hottest English queries typed in the world right now (actually the 100 fastest-rising ones in the current hour, else you would always see generic terms like ‘weather’).

I asked myself a simple question: is there some queries that always appearing over and over in this top 100 list? Can we discover patterns of queries? To answer it, I write for fun a simple crawler to crawl the daily list since the service exists (May 15, 2007) and I generated a list of the hottest phrases (meaning the hottest n-grams of words, not queries).

Can you guess if there is a clear winner?

Actually there is one. The phrase “lyrics”.  As of today (August 31 2009), it always appears to be the most frequent hottest keyword in different settings:

  • 759 occurrences if you consider the whole daily top 100 list. Think about it: since May 15, 2007,  it’s been 809 days (thanks Jeffrey). Even if it appears sometimes several times in a single day, it means that almost everyday, the word lyrics appears in the 100 hottest English queries in the world!!!
  • 207 occurrences if you consider only the daily top 10 list.
  • 124 occurrences if you consider only the daily top 5 list.
  • 34 occurrences if you consider only the daily hottest keyword.

But again, ‘lyrics’ is always the top ranked phrase of all the lists  I generated. Seems however like a decreasing trend.

What about other phrases?  Here are few other examples of the top phrases appearing over and over in all day top world queries. Note that you don’t necessarily want to  build a business around one of those hot topics since all of them are in general already overcrowded niches.

What about patterns? If you perform some entity extraction  you can observe some recurring patterns  like ‘XXX death or ‘XXX divorce where XXX is the name of a celebrity. I also noticed that users are much more interested in celebrities divorces than marriages :).

In summary, Google hot trends is fun. In the new real time web buzz, this service is not really meant to be a competitor, but it is still my favorite way of feeling the pulse of the web.

5 thoughts on “Can You Guess What Is The Hottest Trend Of Google Hot Trends ?

  1. This is a great post! It will be interesting to do some other comparison to see what have created the biggest buzz on the web, for example Michael Jackson Vs September 11 attacks… Maybe a good idea for a new website 😉

  2. Nice post Phil!
    Are you familiar with ?
    ( currently ‘goodnight’ is their #2; might that be related to time of day? )
    I will be happy to hear more stuff on and around around patterns…

    1. Hey Zvika!
      Yes I know well, I really like it, they go lot further with their list of hot topics than twitter, oneriot, collecta (and perhaps 20 others) do.
      Sometimes their top keywords might seem strange like you noticed. Google hot trends is much more insightful since the trends are extracted from query logs (I mean real people queries) and all other services are just doing statistics of words/phrases occurrences I guess (until their search engine become popular enough to also do query log analysis).
      I’ll send you more info about the lists that I generated.

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